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Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith

Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith
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Friday, January 17, 2003

Lead, Follow, or get out of the way:

The search for truth has led me thus far,
The horizon not seeming so far.

I walk on this earth, open and free,
Only to see boundaries begin to surround me.

To no end I see, in this, my destiny,
Bringing freedom to those who need.

For all of recorded history, the majority has ruled;
The majority of the majority, so easily wowed.

The dictators, oppressors, and the like,
Lead by the Dark Lord, out of sight.

They hide in the shadows, and in your mind,
Speaking to you, seemingly so kind.

The leaders have lead with a heavy hand,
Like the conductor of a big band.

So you’re off tune, and out of whack,
You’re left in the ditches, with a quick smack.

You think out of box, and in you go,
Into one, with no where to go.

Should you stand against them, you are crushed,
Like a berry in the brush.

I was never a follower, tried it a few months,
Didn’t take long, to see it wasn’t much.

Having spent so much time, staying out of the way,
The time has come, for a new day.

The question of all questions must be asked,
I am the one, who shall stand stead fast.

The mindless minions seen which way the wind blows,
And have changed course, to avoid a big show.

You follow them around, so effortlessly,
You turn around, and there they not be.

A fly on the wall, they seem so small,
Causing problems, for us all.

The time has come, for me stand,
I shall not wait, for you’re offered hand.

Through the darkness and into the light,
I shall walk, without a fight.

Obstacles great and small, trust me,
I won’t make it, without at least one fall.

The path not laid, nor not cleared,
I will overcome, without fear.

Should you stay, need not fret,
I’ll come back for you, make it a bet.

To this end, I will become,
The leader of just one...

Copyright 2003 Kevin Leo Smith, All Rights Reserved

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