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Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith

Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christian Hypocrisy 101 - YouTube

I hope you find these bits of video clips as interesting as I did.

I have a new discussion forum setup; so far I'm the only one on it, hehe, but feel free to start a discussion about these clips or other topics at the Mutant Freedom discussion forum.

Love they neighbor...

Please Note: The quotes just above each of the video clips are the names or titles of the clips found.

"mom_flips_out_when_son_says_hes_an_atheist" :

I guess his mom got real ticked when her son said he's an atheist. Found on youtube.com; and since this one was posted, there have been a lot of folks uploading supporting video to the young man in this one. Check it out.

"Re: Catholic Mother VS Atheist Son" :

Equally disturbing, someone must have uploaded this one after seeing the first one above. I don't know what show this could have been from, but interesting to watch none the less.

Ted Haggard (misc.) :

Here are some videos about the Ted Haggard scandal that I hadn't seen before. I don't have a problem with openly gay people in religious leadership; at least everyone knows personal things about them; unlike this closeted gay meth smoking looser.

"Friends of God - Ted Haggard and Sex" :

Really have to listen to what this moron is saying; I almost can't believe it.

"Conservative Award Winner is a Military Gay Porn Star!" :

OMFG; not another right-wing nut job hypocrite.
I lost count after 1,975,654,810 of them.

"Does Exodus (exodus.to) sanction forcing kids into ex-gay programs?" :

I'd like to check myself into the Exodus program; just so I could have a chance to forcibly remove the staff members and check them into my "ex-self-righteous piece of shit" program.

"Montel: Homosexuality - Is There a Cure?" :

Make sure you watch this too, Montel is awesome!

"Love Won Out Protest Phoenix (NBC)" :

Just listen to Melissa's comments near the end of this video. Yeah, they are all about love huh?

"Turn Right, Go Straight?" Trailer :

Stereotyping can be fun...

"Mom Spanked the Gay Out of Me" :

LMAO, you must watch this now.

"Jesus Camp Bush Insanity (or Child Abuse). Your call" :

You know, it's hard for me not to get sick watching this one. As if teaching kids to be right-wing extremist nut-jobs in their homes and in church wasn't enough; teach them in school too.

"Bill Maher on Jesus Camp" :

"Jesus Camp (ABC news)" :

We need to prey for these kids; Jesus Camp is just sick.

"Do you see what I mean about mental child abuse?" :

"Pat Robertson Overheard During Commercial" :

As if they weren't already more transparent than they think they are.

"Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez" :

"Bill Maher on 'Elite,' Pat Robertson U., and the Bush Admin." :

Yeah, you'll like this one from Bill Maher. Funny & to the point.

Evangelists; are they going to hell ?

The separation of Church & State ruined the Christian's oppressive rule over people's minds & life; (stuff rolls down hill: chain of command).

So now, they are working on doing the same thing from the bottom to the top, (turning kids into right-wing extremist nut jobs). Basically to take over every aspect of American life.

Since the church was pushed out of the state (theoretically), now the Church is trying to push the state out.

This is why I'm not an Imperialist. Years ago, back in the day, the Republican political party was known as the "Socialist Republican Party". Oh, and the Democrats; they were called the "Christian Democratic Party".

Forcing their beliefs on everyone else, including lawmaking. Then when people refuse to allow them (right-wing nut jobs) to dictate to everyone else, those same people (right-wing nut jobs) will say we are forcing our beliefs onto them; when really we just want them to leave us the hell alone.

Historically speaking, people who were unwilling to convert to Christianity or Catholicism, they got their throat cut or decapitated. They would invade another country, and kill scores of people, rape the women and children, and those they didn't kill, swore their loyalty to "King & God" or they were executed. If they weren't killed, they were turned into slaves or imprisoned and tortured.

The list goes on. Which hopefully at some point I can go into further detail once I take the time to post some commentary about the history of the Bible.

If you don't watch this clip now, you'll NEVER forgive yourself... You can get DivX web player from here.

Live & Eat well... God speed.

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