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Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith

Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Female Drivers: Stereotyped ?

Are Female Drivers stereotyped ?

For the most part, I'd have to say yes.
Female drivers are stereotyped; but is it justifiable, or propaganda?

Typically each gender has certain types of skills that each are better at than the other; but which skills are women better at?

From the videos below, parking doesn't seem to be the female's strength. Sure, men may have better hand/eye coordination, but that also allows them to take more risks. You be the judge.

Here are some video clips from youtube.com demonstrating the driving skills of men and women across the planet. Most of the clips are of females; for the most part, parking.

The titles w/quotes above the video clip were referenced from youtube.com.

This first clip is obviously scripted and planned, but it's so [expletive] funny, you must watch it now...

The rest of the clips are not scripted events.

“Worst Woman Driver Ever !!”

“car crash in parking”

“Stupid Woman” - Parking garages are dangerous...

“Stupid woman parking a car in Romania”


“Women Driving”
I've heard of road rage between drivers; but parkers?

“Women parking her car”

“dumb driver”
Some guys aren't any better at directing a driver than they are at driving. Unfortunately for this business owner, they hired both.

“dumb driver”
What goes up, must come down.

“Drivers Try to Cheat Automated Bollards”

Gas pumps and static electricity don't mix.

This is actually a very serious situation, this lady is lucky she wasn't seriously hurt or killed.

Most gas stations have updated their warnings on gas pumps to include instructions to discharge static electricity before touching the fuel pump nozzle.This clip is an example of why it's important.

Discharge static electricity by touching something metal on your car every time before you touch the nozzle.

“...Attention woman driver !!!!”

Oh, and huh, watch out for “Runaway wheel”s too...

“How not to exit a parking Garage”
...Proof that men don't have to be drunk to be stupid.

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