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Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith

Here I will share my personal thoughts, concepts & poems with the world. | Kevin L. Smith
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Murder Music in Jamaica

This article is a bit old, but the struggle in Jamaica and other countries remains the same.

“In January 2004, 30,000 people gathered for Rebel Salute, a reggae concert in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. The country’s most celebrated reggae artists were present. Almost every song performed that night had a clear, consistent message: Kill gay people...” - fr: JohannHari.com [09/26/2004] - Click to read the full story.

Unfortunately, here in the USA, hate mongering extremist rock/rap groups hide behind freedom of speech by making their lyrics not as obvious.

One song I heard once on a heavy metal channel on Comcast said "Hang them vermin...". A guy a know, who's a homophobe, said they were talking about rats. Right, like I'm really that naive. Wish I could remember the group name.

One group in the US, "Blaze your dead homie", his most recent album cover art is disguised, but when you look and read it closely, it's clearly hate speech. I've been trying to find the cover art online for the same album I saw, it said something about “War” and “Fag” on the inside jacket.

Some songs in the US certainly aren't so cleaver to disguise hate lyrics, some don't even try. It's par for the course in a lot of rap & extreme metal type groups.

Some rap groups call it "killing clowns", for killing gays.

“The climate of murderous homophobia endured by gay Jamaicans has finally been brought to international attention this year, thanks to a battle by human rights campaigner extraordinaire Peter Tatchell...” - fr: JohannHari.com

A quick search I found Peter's Site, check it out, a lot of great info on it... here @ petertatchell.net

Peter also has a topic about this issue: reggae.htm

Read the full article from JohannHari.com and leave any comments about hate mongering bands you know of if you like.
Click here to read the full story.

Discuss with your friends; this isn't going away.

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